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Covid-19 Supplies

Now restrictions are being lifted and workplaces are re-opening we can help with signage, face masks, social distance markers,

posters, saftey clothing and much more...


Roll up Banners (85 x 200cm) £31.00
Foamex signs (100 x 50cm) £25.90

Floor stickers Circular (30cm) 3+

Floor stickers Circular (30cm) 10+



Floor stickers Rectagular (100x30cm) 3+

Floor stickers Rectagular (100x30cm) 10+



Window Stickers (Circular 30cm) £4.35

Face masks (Printed)

Face masks (Plain)



Hand sanitiser (100ml) minimum order 50 £4.00

Hivis Vests Orange/Yellow

(Printed single colour back)


Posters (pack of 10) - A2

Posters (pack of 10) - A1




Take a look at the gallery below for some ideas

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



All prices include VAT at 20%