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Screen Printing ~ Embroidery ~ Transfer Printing ~ Signs & Banners


Q. Which types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), cash, cheques and BACs transfers.


Q. What are your opening hours?
A. Our opening hours are: Monday-Thursday: 8am-5pm and Fridays: 8am-4:30pm


Q. Do you open at the weekend?
A. I'm afraid we will be closed at the weekends until further notice.


Q. Do you do children's and ladies sizes?
A. Yes most of the garments can be supplied in children's and ladies sizes. Please see our online brochure.


Q. Do you have a minimum order?
A. No we are happy to supply any quantity from 1 - 10,000+


Q. Why do I need to pay set up for embroidery when I already have artwork?
A. To operate an embroidery machine your artwork has to be turned into one of several embroidery machine formats. This is a skilled job and is one of the main elements of high quality embroidery.


Q. Can you set my design up for me?
A. Yes we have many years of experience producing high quality Embroidery Designs for leading Companies, Sports Clubs and Schools.


Q. How long will my order take?
A. Within 10 working days once you have approved the Design and confirmed the order, unless we are particularly busy. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to complete the whole process in less time.


Q. How much does embroidery set up cost?
A. An average Design would cost between £10-25 but we will give you a quote when we see the design. Email us a JPEG image of your design and we will give you a price. This is a one off charge.


Q. Can I use the design again?
A. Yes, once we have your design we will keep it in our system for future use.


Q. I already have my design on disk, can you use it?
A. Yes if it is in any of the main Embroidery formats, e.g. Tajima, Wilcom.


Q. I have got my own garments will you print or embroider them for me?
A. Yes, we will give you a price when we see the Design. Although we endeavor to take good care of your garments, we will not be held liable to any damage to your own garments caused by the processes involved. (See our Business Terms)


Q. Can you embroider or print caps?
A. Yes. We can do either, but we can only embroidered onto the front of caps.


Q. I want names of individuals on my garments can you do that?
A. Yes, Monogramming is one of our many specialist services. (See also Transfer printing)


Q. I only want the name of my company embroidered on the garments do I have to pay for set up?
A. If one of our Standard Fonts is suitable then there is no charge.


Q. Can you give me any idea's for a design?
A. Yes if required we can create Design ideas based on your brief. (See Artwork)


Q. Do you have screen charges?
A. No, not generally. If you needed under 10 prints in a design that we would have to screen print, then there would be a £25.00 charge per screen/colour. However we do have other printing options for lower quantities, please see Transfer printing.


Q. Can I have a screen printed sample before going ahead with my main order?
A. Yes, screen printed samples as charged at £25.00 per screen/colour which is payable on collection or delivery of the sample. If the sample artwork remains unchanged the cost of the screens will be deducted from the final invoice.


Q. Do you have an artwork charge?
A. No, not generally. If you cannot supply artwork in the right format (see artwork) for a complicated design there may be a charge. We can let you have a price when we see the design.


Q. Can you do one off photos onto garments?
A. Yes, we can.


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